Svein Eriksen - Director Business Development, Omnicom Media Group Norway

Svein is the Director of Business Development at Omnicom Media Group Norway and has worked in the digital media industry for 20 years. He is a strong leader with a passion for marketing, product development and people. His comprehensive knowledge about digital marketing, products and strategy has made him a trusted adviser both for agencies, clients and partners. At his previous job in Schibsted, he was responsible for the DMP and establishing the Ad Exchange and RTB strategy. Svein is an experienced speaker and motivator, and has been a board member of IAB Norway for several years.

Years of Experience: 20 (Media)

Scott Hagedorn, CEO

Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of Hearts & Science, and the architect of its paradigm-shattering, data-driven model that has enabled an evolution of the media agency role from investment and strategy to orchestration. Under Scott’s leadership, Hearts & Science landed the two largest advertisers in the United States in its first eight months – an accomplishment that earned Breakthrough Agency of the Year and Media Agency Executive of the Year accolades from Adweek. Prior to launching Hearts & Science in 2016, he was the founding  CEO of Annalect, the industry-leading data technology platform supporting all Omnicom agencies worldwide. Since joining Omnicom Media Group more than a decade ago, he has held a number of leadership roles across its flagship agencies, including U.S. CEO of PHD Network, Managing Director of OMD East, and U.S. Director of OMD Digital. Scott is a Director at Large for the 4A’s and his industry honors include being to Crain’s 40 Under 40 list in 2008; an Adweek Media All Star in 2013; and an AdAge Media Maven in 2016.

Intrinsic to Scott is the nexus between art and mathematics, music.  Scott is an avid guitarist, amateur pianist, and admittedly marginal (but passionate) vocalist.  He’s also way into physics and backyard chemistry.

Kathleen Brookbanks, COO

Kathleen is the Chief Operating Officer of Hearts & Science. Previously, she was Chief Operating Officer of OMD U.S., focusing on the continued evolution of OMD’s needs and structure to meet the new demands of the media marketplace. She’s also had roles leading Global Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness for Omnicom Media Group. Over the course of her 30-year career, she’s also served as President of the OMD New York office and Managing Director of Mindshare Chicago. Kathleen is a member of the 4A’s Board and Media Leadership Council as well as a former adjunct professor at Fordham University.

Kathleen is a math purist. She's been in the media business her entire career, but continues to debate the GRP, simply stating “it is simply mathematically incorrect.” As the agency’s resident psychiatrist, she’s able to show empathy and inspire people to be their best. 

Jeff Wamble, CFO

Jeff is the Chief Financial Officer of Hearts & Science. Previously, he was the U.S. Finance Director of OMD USA. He’s also served as Senior Partner, Finance Director for Ogilvy & Mather North America and General Manager, Group Finance Director at Nielsen Business Media. Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant and received his MBA from Columbia University.

As the “finance guy” at Hearts & Science, his job is more science than hearts. His ability to crunch numbers better than anyone is only matched by his love for working in a creative environment. He’d be the first one to tell you that it inspires him to think differently about how he approaches his craft.

Tara Levine, CXO

Tara is the Chief Experience Officer of Hearts & Science. Previously, she was the CMO of Deutsch in New York, leading efforts to enhance the agency’s reputation and drive business growth. She’s returning to Omnicom after having previously served as Managing Director of Marketing & Business Development at OMD Worldwide. She’s also had roles leading Business Development at Euro RSCG and Arnold. Tara was a member of the inaugural Steering Committee of ADCOLOR, an industry coalition that champions diversity and inclusion in creative industries.

Most people know that Tara embraces her right-brainer status and has the uncanny ability to nurture great ideas. However, her best-kept secret is that she got an 800 on her math SATs and her parents were convinced she’d be a doctor. Sorry mom and dad.